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Product description

The 53SP is a quality and solid non-insulated window system suitable for residence villas in hot climate markets.

Design features

  • Central gasket system
  • Frame depth: 45mm, Sash depth: 53mm
  • Internal overlap between sash and frame is 8 mm, which allows to insert hinges with fixing in the groove
  • mechanism for turn & tilt, tilt windows and casement.
  • standard squared or rounded glass bead.
  • Glass/panel thickness : from 4 to 30mm


  • full range of colors available
  • Fully compatible with other AluK systems.
  • 1 sash / 2 sashes
  • Inward opening
  • casement, turn & tilt windows and balcony doors
  • Tilt & Turn
  • fixed frame

Application type

Residential and commercial sector applications.

Uf value W/m²K 7
AWW Classification 3 / 4 / 3
Size limits  
Max glass thickness (mm) 30
Maximum sash load (kg) 130 kg
Inward opening x
Bottom hung x
Tilt & turn x

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