31 Oct 2017

Smart façade: tomorrow’s buildings today

Smart façade: tomorrow’s buildings today

AluK is partnering with SUNPARTNER Technologies to launch a new smart façade system that fits perfectly with the logic driving today’s green buildings.

Using AluK AW86 and SL50 systems, the façades integrate ventilation, solar control and energy production in one. They are autonomous in terms of energy and yet are connected at the same time, and make an active contribution to the overall energy performance of a building.

A smart and autonomous façade… Solar control and ventilation

This façade regulates the excess solar heat gain of the building, using Sage Glass’ dynamic glazing. It lightens or darkens automatically depending on the amount of sunshine present, and adjusts to provide precisely the right level of sun protection for the building’s occupants, all day long throughout the year. The technology can achieve up to a 50% reduction in air conditioning consumption.

It is also equipped with motorised panels which provide natural ventilation for the building via the Building Management system, using free cooling to deliver energy savings of as much as 10%.


Electric production and autonomy

What makes this system particularly special is that both the solar control and ventilation functions are powered by Wysips® Design Glass and Cameleon glazing and photovoltaic panels, which mean the façade is self-sufficient in terms of energy.

This not only has a positive impact on the energy consumption of the building, but also means that the façade is easy to install because it requires no separate external power supply.

A connected façade

The facade is autonomous but nevertheless connected. All of the information collected by the sensors, some of which are integrated directly into the glazing units, is sent to the Building Management system. This can then manage the various functions of the façade and contribute to the overall green performance of the building.

Discover on Stand F94 - Hall 5A 

Batimat, Parc des Expositions, Paris Nord Villepinte | November 6-10, 2017

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